Costuming, cosplay, dressing up, fursuiting, whatever you consider it to be. I think its really cute innocent fun, and I love maskmaking and creating costume items. It has been my hobby for over 13 years now and I really enjoy seeing what others create too!

          Welcome to the costuming section of! This section of my site has tutorials, as well as lots of tips and hints, as well as many examples on how I make my cute costumes! One thing to keep in mind while creating your own costume is to be as resourceful as possible! While I may have used one particular item, product, or technique in creating a costume -- if you find something similar for less cost, or found a different way -- share that information with others! You may find something better, or a different technique and it will only develop innovation. I highly encourage you to share your ideas and innovations with others. If you get confused along the way, let me know, I'd like my tutorials to be as user-friendly as possible, so let me know if anything needs to be elaborated on.

My Costumes

(learn a little more about each of my personal costumes, with pictures!)

Costume Washing and Care Instructions
(learn all about the importance of taking care of your costume pieces by keeping them clean!)

Props for your Character

(enhance the character of your character using props!)

How to Build Footpaws
(A tutorial on how to make footpaws!)

Maskmaking with Foam
(info about foam & how to use it, including a tutorial on building a mask from foam)

Video Tutorial: How to Appliqué Paw Pads

How-to Handpaws
(A tutorial on how to make hand paws)

Video Tutorial: How to Sculpt Claws

Make your own ears!

Video Tutorial: How to Attach a Fursuit Nose

Video Tutorial: How to Shave Fake Fur

Creating a Digitigrade Illusion
(an advanced tutorial on creating the illusion of standing on toes)

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Head Base Using Foam

(a 3-part video series of a foam-constructed mask.)

Making 'Toony Eyes
(a tutorial on making eyes from plastic bowls)

  Shrink Plastic Name Tag
(a short how-to on making a shrink plastic nametag)

Making A Tail

(a how-to on making a sewn, foam or delrin rod tails)

Battery-operated Fan Tutorial

(how to make a battery-operated fan for your mask)

(a how-to on creating a tape-pattern and applying fur to a form.)
Planned for revision:  

Making a Bodysuit

(Some tips on making a bodysuit for your costume)

Older Tutorials

The following tutorials, construction notes, and how-tos are still valid techniques but will no longer be revised. They remain available because they are still valid and useful tutorials for making an inexpensive costume. There may now be better methods using different materials, these are simply dated techniques that I no longer implement in my own works, but that doesn't mean it won't work great for you and your project!

Balaclava "ninja hood" Technique

(an explanation of my try using a balaclava hood and foam.)

Older Videos

For newer videos, please see my YouTube Channel!

Making a Plastic Canvas Mask

(instructions on how to make a mask with plastic canvas and foam.)


(a place to keep all the miscellaneous diagrams which I quickly drew up to better describe various things)

Matrices' Mask Construction

(The construction pictures of my Matrices mask, including info on the later revamp of the mask)

Canine Mask Construction

(Pictures from a mask I built and sold, 10 images)

Possible upcoming tutorial plans: Buying and selecting fake fur.

 There is a book on costuming!
 Critter Costuming: Making Mascots and Fabricating Fursuits
Its another resource that may help you in your quest to costuming!

I put a lot of time and effort into putting together these tutorials for your creative pleasure.
Please consider donating if you have a few extra dollars to spare. I certainly would appreciate it, 
especially if you use any of my tutorials and how-to's to create items for resale.

Thank you! Your support is appreciated!

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