Welcome to www.matrices.net! My name is Sara Howard, I'm also known as Matrices. This site is divided into four sections: "About Me" which is a short autobiography. "Art" which is a showcase of what I consider my artwork (including drawings and crafts). "Costuming" which is a resource on how I built my own costumes, with tutorials on you how you can do it, too! And "Other Stuff" which includes links, my journal, and anything else. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay. Go ahead and explore the site and have fun!

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Awesome, Updates!

  • My Pricing page has been updated with illustrated product visuals as well as more clarity in the pricing for available options.
  • My next event is WindyCon November 14-16 in IL! I am so excited and appreciative to have been invited as their Costuming Guest and meet everyone there to share my teachings on making furry costumes!
  • My Shop has been updated with new stock!
  • Check out my Tumblr! I've been adding a few tutorials under the "#tutorials" tag (the rest of my Tumblr includes some fun Fursuit Friday photos, drawings & a few other projects) 

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